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Funguy Chocolate Bars contain our funguy mushrooms blend. The funguy mushroom is a psilocybin-rich plant used for decades far before the production of the fun guy chocolate bars. They were used by shamans in South America to perform rituals. The psychedelic effects of our funguy chocolates are due to the psilocybin found in the plant. Browse our mushroom chocolate bars shop page and enjoy our discounted prices.




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Effects of Funguy Chocolate

The effects of funguy bars are quite similar to that of many other psilocybin mushroom chocolate bars and psychedelics in general. Before taking our mushroom chocolate bars ensure you have a free day as we don’t recommend performing any serious activities while on mushroom chocolate bars. It can effects such as hallucinations, drowsiness, nausea, slow reaction time, and much more. Don’t take our word for it then read what our loyal clients have said.

Where To Buy The Best Fun Guy Chocolate Bars

At Our Fun Guy Chocolate store, we strive to provide you with only the best Fun Guy Mushroom Chocolates in the world. You can get Fun Guy Chocolates online at our Fun Guy Chocolate store at the best prices with premium discounts. At our online psychedelic chocolate store, we have a whole variety of Funguy chocolate bar flavors for you to choose from. Do not hesitate to amaze your taste buds with the luxurious and glamorous taste and feel of our Fun Guy Chocolate Bar.

Our Mushroom Chocolates are Lab Tested

At Fun Guy Chocolates we believe in safety and transparency. And we make it our priority to serve you with only the best quality mushroom chocolates in the psilocybin industry. We test the mushroom chocolate bars from our inventory with the latest revolutionary psychedelics technology to make sure they are healthy for consumption.  We created Funguy chocolate bars because we want to empower our customers and make sure they feel confident about our products. Trust us and buy the best Mushroom Chocolate Bars online today.



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Discrete & Anonymous Delivery

Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bars Right to Your Doorstep!

Stay Fresh for 4+ Months

Fun Guy Chocolates stay deliciously fresh for more than 4 months after opening.

Complimentary Customization

Add a custom note of chocolate – gummies mix to your order.

Only Premium Ingredients

All treats are made from scratch at our Eugene, OR location.

Fun guy: The Chocolate Bar for the Future

Fun Guy Chocolate is definitely a brand of the future. We didn’t just create a mushroom chocolate bar but a family. Here, at funguy, we are not just interested in making sales but in making products that satisfy the needs of even the most advent mushroom consumers.

We believe that a psychedelic trip can strengthen your connection with the universe, your friends, and your partners. It can also help you find enlightenment and a purpose in your life while being made fun.

Unlike many other companies producing mushroom chocolate bars, the funguy team is made up of devoted magic mushroom consumers who are truly passionate about psychedelics.

One of our main goals is actually to share the joy and bliss that psychedelics have brought into our lives. Hence, fun guy chocolates. It is the perfect blend of chocolates and mushrooms and truly the best of both.

Here, at Fun Guy Chocolates we are dedicated to bringing you the best. So stay tuned for much more incredible products from us such as our edibles and much more. We are truly the future of magic mushrooms and we want everyone to join us for the ride.

Fun Guy Chocolate Bar Benefits

The benefits of Funguy Chocolate bar are associated with;

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Increased brain activity
  • Improves your creativity
  • Also effective for treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, and addiction.
  • Fun Guy Mushroom Chocolates also helps in boosting your immune system
  • Finally, our Fun Guy Chocolate Bars assist in easy digestion after a heavy meal. This is why it is a preferred dessert to most other mushroom chocolate bars.

Fun Guy Chocolate bars come in a wide array of choices, flavors, ingredients, and doses. Depending on your experience with psilocybin in the past, you can choose from low or high doses which can be broken down based on the dosage provided by us on our packaging.

Our Famous Mr Funguy Chocolate Bar With Himalayan Pink Salt

 The Fun Guy chocolate bar Himalayan pink salt is a gourmet chocolate bar that combines rich, high-quality chocolate with Himalayan pink salt crystals. The addition of salt provides a unique flavor and texture that is both salty and sweet at the same time. Mr Fun guy chocolate bars are typically made from high-quality cocoa beans, and the salt used is pure, unrefined Himalayan pink salt which is known for having a mild, yet distinct flavor. Overall, the Fun Guy chocolate bar with Himalayan pink salt is a decadent treat that is both creative and delicious. Rush now to our online shroom chocolate shroom and get the best of our Mr Funguy Mushroom Chocolate bar Himalayan pink salt.



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